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TRACC Training

Two Day Crash Course
Date 17/06/2024
Time 09:30-16:00
Location Guildford, Surrey
Capacity 6
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Day One

1. Introduction, Road Calculations and Reports

- Loading of road datasets and creating and exporting travel time contours.

2. Public Transport Calculations and Reports

- Loading of public transport data and creating public transport contours and reports.

- Local accessibility access – showing distance away from PT stops and their frequency.

TRACC Desktop

Day Two

3. Using Demographic Data

- Re-cap of Day One.

- Running origin-destination calculations for multiple destinations. Loading in Census Data and

utilising the reporting power of demographics to show percentages of accessibility and which

destination is the most accessible and catchment areas.

4. ‘What if’ Scenarios

- Continue looking at demographic data along with other reporting options.

- Producing a public transport frequency map.

Lunch Break

5. Public Transport Data Editing

- Editing of the public transport network, using census data to look at the viability of a new tram


6. Road Data Editing, Summary

- Road editing, both the creation of new road links (footpaths etc.) and look at the adjustment of


- Re-cap and time for questions.