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Accurate route lines for all UK & Ireland bus and coach services

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With Multi-Visualisation

We provide digitised bus and coach route lines based upon a road-derived shortest path between stop sequences.

⦿ Full bus and coach data available for England, Scotland and Wales based upon recent public transport data (TNDS/NCSD)

⦿ Data includes frequency data (number services per hour) for twelve weekly time periods. See how service frequencies change throughout the day

⦿ Visualise bus operator territories or view funded and commercial routes

⦿ A great backdrop for TRACC travel time maps with the bus network overlaid over travel time contours

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Select from our options

⦿ The full GB dataset for your GIS based upon latest OS Open Roads (MapInfo or ESRI formats)

⦿ Access to the Basemap DataCutter and download route lines for specific areas

⦿ Custom route line data using more accurate client road networks (MasterMap ITN, HERE etc) from Basemap

⦿ Frequency maps to be provided as image files