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Traffic Visualisation

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Retrospective Accuracy

Want to know the speed on your roads between 7-9am in July?

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Road Safety

Looking for the 85th Percentile of speed?

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Validate Your Model

Want to know where people are speeding?

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Why Highways Analyst?

Highways Analyst is a quick, easy and cost-effective solution to analyse GPS data from vehicles- Highways Analyst takes the heavy loading from billions of GPS counts and allows you to look at the data in the cloud.

Save time

⦿ Analyse your study area in less than 10 seconds (depending on size)

Easy to use

⦿ No training required and easy to analyse results

Save money

⦿ No need to hire specialist database services
⦿ No requirement to outsource to 3rd party consultancies
⦿ No need to purchase and maintain expensive IT Hardware


⦿ Cloud based with anytime; anywhere website login


⦿ Data is securely held in Basemap’s cloud data centre