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TRACC Travel Time Analysis

The Leading Multi-Modal Travel Time Analysis Tool


Our TRACC software is the market leader in public transport analysis. TRACC creates accurate multi-modal journey time calculations, including walking, cycling, public transport and car helping people calculate access and create detailed what-if scenarios.

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How TRACC works

Download Datasets

Create journey times from many origins to many destinations at local, regional or national scale. TRACC has industry compatibility, to ensure inclusion for data you have.

Edit/Customise Data

Upload transport networks such as buses, trains, walking or cycling routes into the application. Start making changes to timetables, routes and roads to see how these changes impact access across the network.

Publish Maps

Export results visually or using detailed reports to show your analysis to internal and external stakeholders.

Features in TRACC


Championed by Transport for London and now utilised all over the world, PTALs combine walk times from a chosen point to the network (stations and bus stops, for example) together with service frequency data at these locations to give an access score to highlight areas poorly served by scheduled transport services.

O/D Matching

The ability to run calculations for specific OD pairs. When calculations run into the billions, this allows data to be cherry picked to ensure TRACC runs quickly and does not calculate what you don’t need.

Local Accessibility

Want to know how far away a development is from a bus stop, TRACC’s powerful local accessibility calculation allows a user to show distance away from a stop at a specific frequency to help users plan where development should be targeted.

Stop Frequency Analysis

TRACC allows a user to see where there are high frequency of services in specific corridors, this allows users to make informed decisions about new routes.


Analyse with Authoritative Data

TRACC can load a variety of datasets from open source data that is freely available, data held internally by your organisation to detailed authoritative datasets from the world's biggest mapping suppliers.

This data can add value by showing demographical information of population-based from national censuses to more detailed studies. TRACC can also utilise detailed speed datasets derived from up-to-date vehicle movements to give accurate bus routing and driving analysis.


Images are really powerful at showing travel time and distance, TRACC allows detailed and accurate isochrones/contours to be created showing customised time bands and colours. These can then be exported out to third party software if required.


When looking at more detailed analysis around irregular points, then a thematic map can be individually styled and exported to third party software showing users different frequency levels of services at bus stops, closest destination analysis or individual routes to name a few.


Different Output Options

While allowing detailed visuals, TRAC has a powerful reporting engine that can create various unique reports: -

  • Large matrices showing every origin to destination
  • Enhanced outputs showing time spent on each mode, interchanges, and dwell time
  • Service analysis showing which routes are used most for access
  • Frequency reports showing where high-frequency stops are on the network
  • Demographic data to show how many people have access
  • OD Path files show the exact routes used to create personal journey plans
  • PTAL reports showing how the scores are calculated

These files can all be loaded in common office formats allowing users to have a deeper dive into different accessibility metrics..

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What have customers used TRACC for?

Sustainable Development

Ensuring new development sites have access to key locations using different modes of transport to encourage modal shift

15 Minute Cities & 20 Minute Neighbourhoods

Providing information how accessible cities are from different modes of transport to key services to allow more sustainable modes to be utilised

Creating Accessibility Indexes

Using different ways to measure access outside of time metrices such as PTAL

Editing Transportation Networks

Look at performance of current transport networks and creating new public transport services and roads to improve access

Assessing Active Travel

Looking at how current footways and cycle ways perform and model benefits such as low traffic neighbourhoods

Fair & Accurate School Catchment

Generate accurate walking and cycling routes for pupil enrolment and promoting modal shift

Get Results Instantly

★ Accurate travel times for public transport, cycling, walking and driving

★ Output as travel time, distance, PTAL score

★ Create millions of journey plans with time spent on each mode

★ Enhance your outputs with detailed contours and thematic maps

★ Add additional information to rank access by utilising demographic data

TRACC Clients



Using TRACC has allowed us to get much more accurate results; we can put in the whole of our regional bus, rail and road networks. Visualising access better to make decisions.

Joanne Keay Staffordshire County Council Basemap TRACC

Joanne Keay

Strategy Officer, Staffordshire County Council

Analyzing accessibility in small geographies such as census blocks reveals hotspots with very poor accessibility that will not show up when bigger geographies are used. TRACC helped us estimate travel times and accessibility between tens of thousands of census blocks within a reasonable time-frame, a task no other software I was familiar with was able to handle.

Amir Poorfakhraei East West Gateway TRACC

Amir Poorfakhraei

Senior Transport Planner, East-West Gateway

TRACC Licenses

Standard Desktop License

Access TRACC via a local machine, such as a laptop or desktop computer. This user has access to the software that is capable of undertaking large calculations.

✅ User Capacity: One per license

✅ Number of Installs: One

❌ Remote Access:

Machine Requirements: Local Install with Minimum Hardware Requirements.

Standard Desktop

Remote Server License

Accessed remotely, covering cloud services in addition to local installations.

✅ User Capacity: One per license

✅ Number of Installs: One

✅Remote Access

Machine Requirements: Local Install with Minimum Hardware Requirements.

Remote License

Concurrent License

Installed on multiple machines/servers, access is controlled via active users.

✅ User Capacity: One per license

✅ Number of Installs: Unlimited

✅Remote Access

Machine Requirements: Local Install with Minimum Hardware Requirements.

Concurrent License


An extension of our other licenses with the added advantage of being used anywhere in the world without using capacity on your machine, as well as automatic backups and updates. This license covers the use of TRACC hosted in the Cloud, single login available.

✅ User Capacity: One per license

✅ Number of Installs: Unlimited

✅Remote Access

Why TRACC Web?

➊ Unlimited Database Size

Hardware options for your requirement

Hassle-Free Access

Improved Productivity

TRACC Web is ISO 27001 certified