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TRACC travel time analysis software

The UK’s leading multi-modal transport planning software.

Accurately calculate travel times

Produce accurate travel times and distances for all public transport modes, cycling, walking and driving using TRACC Travel time analysis software.

Generate detailed what-if scenarios

Change your transport data or destination data to see changes in access and compare by utilising demographic data.

Get results in an instant

Outputs as you want them including detailed contours, thematic maps and numerous comprehensive reports.

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Inefficient transport planning software can cost your business...

Save time

When trying to process detailed data, TRACC allows off the shelf information to be processed quickly and efficiently saving organisations time and money.

Transparency in outputs

Using authoritative datasets, analysis done within TRACC is fully transparent with journey times and routes able to be exported from the system, removing any doubt in the results.

Stay ahead of the competition 

With over 2000 users of TRACC all over the world trusting the detailed analysis that TRACC produces, are you using the best tools to look at access? 

Enhance your view of access

TRACC is more than just travel times, you can look at detailed reports such as Hansen and PTAL to have a deeper dive into travel accessibility.
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Download datasets

Download datasets

TRACC utilises detailed public transport, road, point of interest (POI), demographic and location data to create detailed analysis.

Customise results

Customise your data

Once you have the data in TRACC you can make adjustments, such as create a new walkway, cycleway or bus route to model to a new POI.


Publish your results

Once you have the data loaded and edited, you can choose to export the results into detailed visual outputs or comprehensive reports. 

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Advanced public transport analysis 

As well being travel time analysis software, TRACC also allows detailed analysis that can show: -

  • How many times a service is utilised
  • Population catchment within each service area
  • Service Frequency analysis
  • Detailed service information
    • Peak Vehicle Requirement
    • Total bus mileage
    • Estimated costs
  • Relationship between walking and public transport

With the ability to edit the data, it is possible to look at putting in a new bus lane or road works across a corridor and see how this affects access. Or edit or create new trips and services within TRACC, utilising the auto tri time calculator. All of this can be seamlessly done within TRACC.

PT Fares
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Analyse with authoritative data 

TRACC transport planning software efficiently loads diverse datasets, ranging from open-source and internal organisational data to authoritative datasets from leading mapping suppliers.

Data loaded

  • Authoritative data from Ordnance Survey, TomTom, HERE, INRIX
  • Open Data from Open Street Map, Overture, Ordnance Survey
  • Load in average speed and speed limit data
  • Detailed public transport schedules
  • Point of Interest information
  • Demographic data, points and boundaries
  • Load your own data
Visual travel time maps
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Visual travel time maps

TRACC generates detailed isochrones/contours, displaying customised time bands and colours, providing a powerful visualisation of travel time and distance.

  • TRACC offers individually styled thematic maps for in-depth analysis
  • Showcase various service frequency levels at bus stops, closest destination analysis, or individual routes, among other options
  • Export to third-party software.
Path files
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Versatile output options

TRACC features a powerful reporting engine that can create various unique reports on a huge range of travel metrics, from routes, time spent, distance, and high-frequency stops to demographic accessibility, personalised journey plans, and PTAL/Hansen access scores.

Clients who trust TRACC

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Using TRACC has allowed us to get much more accurate results; we can put in the whole of our regional bus, rail and road networks, visualising access better to make decisions.

Joanne Keay Staffordshire County Council Basemap TRACC

Joanne Keay

Strategy Officer, Staffordshire County Council

Analyzing accessibility in small geographies such as census blocks reveals hotspots with very poor accessibility that will not show up when bigger geographies are used. TRACC helped us estimate travel times and accessibility between tens of thousands of census blocks within a reasonable time-frame, a task no other software I was familiar with was able to handle.

Amir Poorfakhraei East West Gateway TRACC

Amir Poorfakhraei

Senior Transport Planner, East-West Gateway

How it works

Getting started with TRACC is simple.

  • 1 Request a demo of TRACC transport planning software
  • 2 Select a license that suits your business needs
  • 3 Calculating accurate travel times and output your results
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License options to suit every business

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Standard Desktop

This user has access to transport planning software capable of undertaking large calculations.
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Remote Server

Access remotely, covering cloud services in addition to local installations.
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Install on multiple machines/servers, access is controlled via active users.
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Access TRACC anywhere in the world without using capacity on your machine, includes automatic backups and updates.
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