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When You Need to Get Straight To The Point

Points of Interest Data

One of the most popular datasets at Basemap is the Ordnance Surveys Point of Interest database, if you need to identify places by their use and function, as well as by their postal address or location, this is the dataset for you. An incredibly versatile dataset which can be purchased by point, here are just some of the uses to which you can put Points of Interest:.

RS2830 Points of Interest 5

Points of Interest Data

⦿ Identify the type and purpose of different premises and what’s in the surrounding area for initial risk assessment.
⦿ Show the range of services and facilities in a particular area, such as accommodation, eating and places of interest.
⦿ Quickly locate local landmarks when responding to emergency calls.
⦿ Link crime clusters to potential trouble spots, such as cash machines and nightclubs.
⦿ Identify gaps in public service provision, such as doctors, dentists or public libraries.

RS2826 Points of Interest 1


Destination Dataset

A good use of this dataset is to provide accurate destination datasets with schools, supermarkets, doctors surgeries etc included within this dataset, with the Ordnance Survey brand that you can trust. This is very popular for use with our TRACC software, which can be loaded directly into the application – giving a comprehensive destination set that can be tailor made for your use.


Points of Interest catalog over 4 million places across Great Britain, grouped into more than 600 classifications.


Around 150 authoritative suppliers contribute to Points of Interest, providing a diverse range of information across all categories.

Quality that does not cost the earth

The starting price is just £0.15 per point up to 2000 points, with the price falling to £0.10 from 2000 to 12,000, then £0.05 up to 250,000 and then only £0.01696 per point after this. Please note the costs are based on 1 user for 1 year.

The data can be easily quoted and purchased using our DataCutter: –