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Used By NHS Trusts, Local Councils & Districts
Private Sector TRACC

We support NHS Trusts & Foundations in the UK for internal projects such as parking permit solutions, patient travel to specialised clinical sites as well as staff journey commute times to work.

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NHS England continues to use Basemap to identify potential sites for the delivery of medical procedures, calculate staff travel times to centres as well as offer parking permit services. NHS Foundations and Trusts have used TRACC to undertake the following projects.

  • Analyse the impact of facility closures
  • Identify demand for new facilities
  • Analyse the fastest emergency services routes
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Used by NHS South West

"We have found TRACC to be a very powerful tool allowing fine control over calculation parameters, while remaining easy to use via an intuitive interface. The results give us an invaluable understanding of accessibility to services. We have used TRACC to support a number of NHS reviews and redesigns".

-Brendan Stone, GIS Team Leader

Encourage active travel

Calculate the shortest walking distance, identify local cycle paths, determine number of cycle racks required

Manage staff car parking

Optimise the fairest and most accurate method to decide staff parking permits

Analyse the impact of facility closures

Visualise the impact of a trust or foundation closure to patients and how that impacts their access to appointments and emergencies

Why Is Basemap Trusted by NHS?

  • 1 Edit Road Network & Public Transport Timetables
  • 2 Measure Proximity To Essential Amenities
  • 3 Precise Demographic Reporting
  • 4 Process Local & National Datasets
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Which NHS Foundations have Used TRACC?

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Since we have started producing these Walk Zone Maps we have seen a 27% increase in more sustainable travel which we are really pleased with

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School Travel Advisor, Staffordshire County Council

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