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White Rose Railway Station: Before and After

Sitting on the Huddersfield Line in Yorkshire just 20 miles shy of Leeds, a new proposed station is set to launch in spring 2023 with a view of connecting commuters and shoppers to the White Rose Retail Park and Offices.

The proposed station called “White Rose” is on the northwest boundary of the Millshaw Park Industrial Estate, which will significantly improve access to jobs at the Park, the shopping centre and the Industrial Estate. Although yet to be confirmed, the Station is set to be nestled between Morley and Cottingley. Using TRACC we have simulated the possible travel times to this station by expecting stopping-services trains that run to Morley and Cottingley to also stop at White Rose.

Current access to White Rose Railway Station TRACC

Before Access

The primary reason for the station is to provide better access to the three destinations surrounding White Rose, although Morley and Cottingley are within reasonable walking distance. Systematic of the public transport experience to incorporate walking or cycling to get to your destination, many commuters place their ease of access to a destination as a major determinant for choosing jobs and places of commerce.

After Access 2

After Access

It is quite clear to see that through using TRACC’s contours, access to White Rose Station has improved to the central provincial towns such as; Morley, Churchell and Holbeck. Whilst also cutting commuting times to Bingley, Shipley and major hub Huddersfield. It is through projects like White Rose that those who live outside of cities that commute to offices are calling for quicker commute times to make their journeys more comfortable.

Funding has been provided by the DfT in a reported region of £173.5 million to construct two platform that can accommodate six carriage trains. The initiative is hoping to bring in over 340,000 footfall per year. White Rose Station is another in the series of new station improvements that we post that’s part of the SPEED initiative, created by the government to deliver optimum value in the quickest time possible.

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