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TRACC V2.1 Winter Release 2023

A new year and a new TRACC. This time we bring you some exciting new public transport features along with major changes to every day handling of projects.

And of course let’s not forget about those pesky fixes that we have looked at to help keep the software running along smoothly.

Network Timetable Exchange (NeTEx) Fares Importer/Exporter

NeTEx is a new option to exchange data for passenger information such as stops, routes, timetables and fares. We now have a new view within the Route Information that enables users to display, edit and export fare data.

General Transit Feed Specification (GTFS) Fares Importer/Exporter

A similar function to that of NeTEx but for GTFS data instead where you can import, edit and export GTFS fares. With the slight difference that you can export to V1 or V2 with a currency of your choice.

Timetable Editor

Mass editing of public transport timetables to represent journey time improvements on corridors and/or routes for bus priority, rail enhancements, etc.

Auto-Generate Timetable Trips

A feature that makes it easier to create new trips for public transport timetables. You will find a new icon inside the Timetable tab that generates departure times for all stops within a single trip using road speeds and distance eliminating the need to manually work this out.

SQL Database Settings

A few different changes when it comes to SQL:

Project Sharing

Avoid the hassle of backing up and restoring projects to share your work with others. Now you can choose to share any new or existing projects to give visibility to all users on that same machine/server.

Backup/Restore on different SQL instances

Forget guessing which projects were created on SQL Server Express or LocalDb. It’s now easier than ever to backup and restore projects regardless of the SQL instance they were initially created on. Making it an absolute godsend when projects need to be restored on machines with a different SQL setup.

New UI

A brand-new UI that ties together all the SQL changes.

NaPTAN Importer

Updates made to the NaPTAN Importer to incorporate the latest changes from the new DfT NaPTAN Creator API. TRACC can now import both old and new outputs of NaPTAN.

Name change of ‘Trafficmaster’

A simple name change to ‘Trafficmaster’ option in the Road Network tab that allows you to update networks with historic speed data. This will now be known as ‘Speed Data’.

Adjustable Thematic/Contour Colours

Naturally the best bit of maps is deciding on the perfect colour arrangement for your contours. You’ll be excited to learn that the default settings can be changed as and when you’d like. You can either choose a new default colour scheme or simply change it in the moment of generating a thematic/contour.


Minimum Stop Frequency in OD calculations

Developed the algorithm behind the minimum stop frequency parameter in the Origin Destination calculations. Some nitty gritty changes were made behind the scenes but you can now use this option across all public transport modes instead of bus only. If you haven’t used this function before, you can find it under the Day/Time selection in the Public Transport/Public Transport & Road calculations.

Reverse Road Speeds/Speed Columns


Global Edit

The user experience of adjusting the speeds to one or both sides of the road types has been made easier.

Entering Trip Times

Reverted to the original format of entering trip times into a timetable meaning the dropdown option that was introduced in V2.0 has been removed. Whilst it was a fun addition to the timetable tab, sometimes the old ways remain to be the best. Departure times can be added with a quick double click and ENTER, ensuring you remain super-efficient when creating or editing timetables.

Enhanced PTAL Output


Return Accessible Results Only

Some inaccessible results were making their way through the final CSV reports for OD results, when the ‘Return Accessible Result Only’ parameter was enabled. This has now been fixed.

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