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TRACC 2.2 Winter Release 2024

Find out what is new in TRACC including more detailed accessibility analysis using Hansen, brand new Arrive By/Depart At calculations and numerous other new features.

New Features/Improvements:

Depart At/Arrive By Algorithm

An additional algorithm so users can choose to define a point in time for departure and arrivals instead of a window of departure. Lots of the original outputs that come with the Origin-Destination Calculation such as path reports, thematic/contours, and demographic reports are also available with this new option.

Hansen Weighted Outputs

Apply a Hansen Score to OD journey times based on inputs/deterrence parameters defined by the user. This is a method that helps to look at external factors which might make a destination more desirable than just it’s total journey time. Secondary factors can include anything from job availability to population density; this input is entirely customisable by you. CSV or thematic/contour outputs can also be generated for the Hansen Score.

Time Savings – timetable editor

Improvements and additional features added to the timetable editor; two options so that you can edit departure times for all selected stops or apply a specified time saving along a route.

Cancelling Processes

Option to cancel most processes in TRACC including data imports and calculations. One that I think will make lots of users very happy!

Total Trip Distance

Trip, route and vehicle distance information now available for every service. Distances will be provided for every trip and route alongside a total vehicle distance for the timetable and whole service.

Import Stops from CSV

Import a network of stops from a csv file that can then be updated with timetable and fare information. Especially useful when working with transport data that may not contain stop information or when stops don’t meet the required format to be imported alongside timetable data.

Highlight link when applying turn restrictions

Road links that you wish to apply a turn restriction to will now be highlighted in the map preview making it easier to see what links changes are being made to.

Backup/Restore Multiple Projects

The choice to backup or restore all or a selection of projects in one go.

Date Format in Timetable for UK Projects

Adjust the date format in the timetable and project info when using a UK projection.

Unselect function in dropdowns

Unselect inputs chosen when using the dropdowns and reassign to a new input when importing and viewing data.

Service information when selecting/exporting stops

You can now view services that are utilised at every stop when selecting stops with the Data View function or exporting to a csv file.


Generate centroids from polygon shapefiles when importing or creating origins and destinations.

Calculation Tab in Settings

Redesign of the OD, LA and PTAL calculations in the Settings window to a tabular view. This will now include the parameters for the Depart At/Arrive By calculation.

Export Timetable to Excel

All original or edited timetables can be exported to an excel file.

Timetable Editor Log

A log to summarise changes made with the timetable editor that is downloadable. This will help keep track of all edits made to the timetable.

Quick find for Stops in Route and Timetable

A search tool to find specific stops in the route and timetable window.

Adding in Multiple Stops into a Route

Multi select stops to be added into a route at a single time.

Remove multiple layers in layer manager

Any layers active in the layer manager can be removed in a single go.

Path Report Route Lines

Option to generate the route lines from path reports for any mode of travel when adding back into TRACC.

Updated Travel Mode

Reorder of the transport travel mode list with a new option ‘Unknown’ that is replacing ‘None’.

Additional GTFS Transport Modes

You can import additional transport modes that come with the GTFS schema as well as export these to a new GTFS network.

Prompt when uploading shapefiles for timetable editor

A prompt given to users when uploading multiple shapefiles to use for the timetable editor.

Geocoder Location

The file location of where the Geocoder (application for importing postcodes) is installed has been changed. This will provide more flexibility for you to decide where the oscodepoint database sits, should you decide to change it.

Disconnect Users on Concurrent Licence

Active users can be manually disconnected via the Concurrent Licence Server.

Database Maintenance

A button that will help with general housekeeping of your projects. This way you can clean your projects by removing any data that might have been stored from previous actions.


Connection Timeout Loading Old Projects

Connection timeout to load projects created on older versions of TRACC has been looked into.

Editing Road Information in Link Search

Fix applied that allowed you to edit road links in the Link Search window.

Duplicate Projects Owners in Settings

Project Owners are no longer duplicated in the Shared Projects settings.

Unsharing Projects not registered on first attempt in Settings

Fix applied when unsharing projects in the settings were not being registered on the first try.

Memory Leak during Batch Calculation

It became apparent that there was a memory leak during larger batch calculations, this has now been fixed.


A number of changes made when importing versions 2.1, 2.4 and 2.5 of TransXChange data as each comes with its own structure and therefore imports slightly differently. Some of which includes better merging of trips that operate at the same departure times and how it reads bank holidays that fall outside of the current year.

Ignoring decimals when updating road speeds

Speeds with decimals could not be entered when updating the speeds for car, walk and cycle. This has been fixed in both the Global Edit and Edit Link window.

Modes and the enhanced output

We have updated the enhanced output report to recognise additional transport modes such as Taxi, Minibus and Hyperloop. The mode ‘None’ has also been replaced with ‘Unknown’ which the report will now acknowledge, fixing a known issue when exporting the results.

You can download the latest version of TRACC from HERE.