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TRACC 2.1 Product Tip - SQL Database Settings

We have added a general functionality of editing and deleting SQL connections in TRACC.

General functionality of adding, editing and deleting SQL connections has been made easier. You also have the added bonus of being able to create multiple connections for Server Express and LocalDB, where you control which is to be used as the default across all projects.

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Available Connections

Multiple connections can be created and stored for each SQL instance. These can also be edited or deleted at a later point with the option of selecting one as the default to be used across all projects on this instance.

Settings Shared Projects

Previously Used Connections

Previous versions of TRACC or older projects that may have used different SQL connections that are no longer active will appear here. These can be added to the ‘Available Connections’ and used as default connections for future projects.

A breakdown of projects that are both shared and unshared between all users on the same machine/server, which can be filtered by user as well as changing the shared status of a project if owned.

A much longed for feature that will make a world of difference. As more and more are utilising TRACC on a daily basis, it became clear that users would need to share the work they had done with others, especially if working together on the same project.

With a simple click you can decide when to share your new or existing projects with your colleagues (or even clients). You can even remove their access! I should point out that this is only possible if you’re sharing projects with those who have their own access to the same machine/server.

If you’re looking to share projects with other machines then you will need to use the Backup/Restore option as before.

Backup/Restore on different SQL instances:

With the fun that is SQL, it was quite difficult to restore projects interchangeably between the two instances; Server Express and LocalDB. Well, with the changes that were made as part of Sharing Projects, you can now backup projects and not have to worry about using the same instance when restoring them as TRACC will work this out for you.