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Reading Green Park Station - Has Access Improved?

The county of Berkshire will be welcoming a brand new train station between the Reading and Basingstoke line at the end of this year. Green Park Train Station will reside in the Business area of Green Park, serving workers in nearby offices as well as ticket holders for Reading Football Club, The Select Leasing Stadium.

Here is what to expect with the new station

  • New supporting jobs
  • Transport links to Reading & Basingstoke to connect to Paddington & Canary Wharf
  • Walking to Select Car Leasing Stadium
  • Amendments to Greenwave Bus Timetable
  • Infrastructure for new homes
Before Access

Before Access

Continuing the series of using TRACC to evaluate access for new train stations in 2022 and 2023, Reading Green Park stands out. The hub will connect office workers to a number of locations in the business district, removing the need to take alternative forms of transport.

The parameters we set on the TRACC calculation.

  1. On a given Tuesday, travelling 7-9 am.
  2. 2 trains an hour (Service No, GW7 & SW61)
  3. We are looking to do a follow-up nearer the launch date when a specific schedule will be released.
After Access

After Access

Comparing the before and after from the figures above you can see the biggest winner is the town of Basingstoke, boasting better public transport access between 30 and 60 minutes. Nearby towns on the outskirts such as Maidenhead, Slough and Newbury are also within the hour to get to the Business Area. The station appears to alleviate traffic issues on the A33 for the community and its purpose as a sustainable transport hub is helped by the station having great connections from London to the South and West.