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Growing Demand Cargo E-Bikes and Electric Vans

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The volume of firms supplying logistical services for commercial use is growing exponentially. Whilst vans are being widely utilized to connect parcels from one destination to another, there is a sharp surge in e-cargo bikes in cities to improve on delivery times and route accuracy. As the demand for instant delivery grows, logistic companies have a duty to ensure they act responsibly to the environment.

Firms are pledging their future to Net Zero Carbon and companies like Amazon are staying ahead of the pack by rolling out micromobility hubs in the UK and Europe. Cargo e-bike deliveries are replacing combustible engine vehicles and in London with the Ultra High Emission Zone in place, they hope more micromobility hubs will be used by logistics companies.

Our EV Routing tool can accurately manage your transition to e-bike deliveries, optimized to your needs. Routing the journey by battery usage, showing time savings or emission savings – simply upload your vehicle type and our EV tool can display the sustainable metrics you find important to support your firm for a Net Zero future.

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