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Electric Vehicle Sales Have Doubled in a Year

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Electric Vehicles Shift

The dynamic acceleration of electric vehicles continues to spread at pace. The volume of electric cars sold in the whole of 2012 has been gazumped by what is sold in a single week. Whilst many observers would think the global pandemic would shrink the market and to a degree achieved that for conventional cars, electric vehicles came out stronger, increasing sales by 100% from 2020 to 2021. In Europe alone, electric car sales increased by 70%, despite a slowdown in the European automotive market.

The Driving the Motor Industry which assess the UK market (SMMT) have shared vehicle data in both Battery Electric Vehicles and Mild Hybrid Electric Vehicles. The data exposes a huge uptake in Battery, with a 71% change from 2020 to 2021, similarly with Mild Hybrid seeing a 66% increase respectively. On the other end, Diesel has seen an almost 50% drop as well as a 15% fall from Petrol motors. This suggests a share of buyers have converted from petrol and diesel to electric alternatives.

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